Technology developed to fill in an unmet need

Initiated by Prof. Marloes Louise Groot (Biophotonics and Medical Imaging), Dr. Frank van Mourik (Biophysics) started the development of a compact, transportable higher harmonic generation microscope, enabling this technique to be affordably applied in a clinical setting, even at Point of Care.

By using the contrast mechanism of higher harmonic generation in tissue and multi-photon (auto)fluorescence, pathology quality images at sub-cellular resolution can be obtained in seconds, without any need for fixation or staining as required in traditional H&E analysis. Imaging with proprietary low laser energy application, leaving the fresh tissue sample intact.h0

In 2019 and 2021 the first prototypes of the HHG microscope were deployed in research projects at the Amsterdam University Medical Center and the Maxima Hospital in Utrecht. Subjecting samples from various human tissues to these prototypes have yielded breakthrough outcomes on speed and versatility of the technology. 

Currently, the technology is deployed as a key feature in the European IMAGIO project. Flash Pathology is rapidly working to launch this technology into the market so that patients and health care professionals can benefit from this major leap into the future of pathohistology.