Strategic Advisory Board

Rules and Regulations

  • The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board of Flash Pathology BV is to provide non-binding, impartial and objective response or feedback on specific questions by Flash Pathology’s management regarding (implementation of) the technology;

  • Due to the confidential nature of these questions and feedback, this information is not made public;

  • Scientific Advisory Board Members are independent from the Company. There are no personal or institutional benefits or advantages related to membership of the SAB. SAB members are not remunerated for their advice. Expense reimbursement, which may include travel expenses or an hourly compensation, are at or below the norms as issued in the Stichting Code Geneesmiddelen Reclame (CGR);

  • Flash Pathology complies to the transparency- and publication rules of the TransparantieRegister Zorg;

  • SAB-members are by contract committed to disclosing their affiliation in publications and/or presentations in which the SAB-membership may give cause for conflicting interests;

  • Flash Pathology discloses active SAB members with name and -if available- professional registration number, in the appropriate section of its corporate website.